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The following agreement is effective if and when the manuscript submitted, to be published by Clinical and Experimental Homeopathy is accepted.

  • Grant of Rights The Author/Editor grants to the Publisher the following rights to the Article, including any supplemental material, and any parts, extracts or elements thereof:
    • the right to reproduce and distribute the Article in electronic form, including print-on-demand;
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  • The rights pursuant to the above clause shall be granted as exclusive rights for the duration of the copyright, each unlimited in geographic scope. Should the Author wish to reproduce and distribute the Article elsewhere after one year following publication, the Author must obtain the written consent of the Publisher.
  • The Author/Editor furthermore grants the Publisher the exclusive and permanent rights without any restriction as to content and territory for all forms of media of expression now known or that will be developed in the future. The grant of rights shall also extend to the exploitation of rights of use both in the Publisher’s own publishing company and through the grant (including a partial grant) of rights to third parties in exchange for remuneration or free of charge.
  • Obligations of the Author/Editor The Author/Editor warrants that i) Author is the Author of the Article or, if Editor, Editor has properly and irrevocably acquired without restriction any and all rights in and to the Article. ii) Author/Editor is entitled without restriction to grant such rights to the Publisher; iii) the Article is not libelous and does not infringe on any copyrights, performing rights, trademark rights, personal rights or any other third party rights or is otherwise unlawful; and iv) the Article or substantial parts thereof have not been published elsewhere. The Author will indemnify the Publisher against any costs, expenses, or damages, including reasonable attorney's fees, which the Publisher may incur or for which the Publisher may become liable as a result of a breach of the warranties to the above clauses. These representations and warranties will survive the termination of this Agreement and may be extended to third parties by the Publisher.
  • The Author/Editor shall be obliged to retain a back-up copy of the manuscript (data file and print out or PDF, as well as copy for illustrations).
  • Reversion of Rights All rights pursuant to the above clauses shall revert to the Author should the Article be rejected during the publication process.
  • Proofreading Upon receiving the proofs, the Author/Editor agrees to promptly check the proofs carefully, correct any typographical errors, and authorize the publication of the corrected proofs.