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Online submission of manuscripts:

Before proceeding for a online submission please check that the images/graph/histogram of your manuscript are in a separate JPEG file (with .jpg extension) and the text in a separate word file (with .doc extension). DO NOT save the images/graph/histogram in other than JPEG file. Upload of images/graph/histogram is only possible if it is a JPEG file.

Step 1. Register yourself putting your email id as the 'username' and giving a password.
Step 2. Click on the "Post Article" and "Add New" to enter into the submission page.
Step 3. Click on the "Insert/Edit Image" icon which is placed on the extreme right at the lower row of icons.
Step 4. Click on “Browse Server”, then click on “Browse” to select the JPEG file that is with the images/graph/histogram of your manuscript and click on ‘Open”.
Step 5. Click on “Upload”. After few seconds upload is complete and now you can see the file name at the top.
Step 6. Click on the uploaded file name.
Step 7. Now click on “OK” to finish.
Step 8. Copy and paste the text of your manuscript into the "Details" box or below the already uploaded image.
Step 9. Select the journal section.
Step 10. Tick on the “Publish in Journal”.
Step 11. Click on "Submit".

If your manuscript doesn't contain any figure follow the steps 8,9,10 & 11 to submit.
The authors have to pay handling costs USD 10.00 per page or Rs 30.00 per page for Indian nationals. Page charges may be waived in special cases on request.

Please send your manuscript by email to the editor at clin.exp.hom@gmail.com

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